SportsPerks is the rewards & benefits program for members of sporting clubs. As members, you get access to hundreds of offers that save you money today. And you can save money tomorrow with cashback that could pay next years fees before you know it. There’s even perks that your club has organised from your club sponsors that are unique to you and your club.

With your Perks For Today, you save right now with our range of offers from hundreds of partners including discounts available, upgrades, 2 for 1 deals and more. There’s things to buy today, to experience today, to enjoy today. From local retailers near you to national brands

With your Perks For Tomorrow, you can start saving to pay off next years membership fees from today. We’ve negotiated cashback from a wide range of online and instore partners. Get up to 20% cashback - even on everyday purchases like your supermarket spend & fuel.

Then there’s Perks From Your Club. Many clubs have organised a range of benefits & rewards from your club sponsors and supporters. They’re over and above what SportsPerks provides - and they’re unique to you and your club. Even more reasons to join SportsPerks right now


1. Perks in 3 ways

- Perks For Today where you save right now with our range of offers from hundreds of partners including discounts available, upgrades, 2 for 1 deals and more.

- Perks For Tomorrow where you get cashback on your purchases that you can start saving to pay off next years membership fees.

- Club Perks where your club may have organised a range of unique benefits & rewards from your club sponsors and supporters.

2. Our website which provides you 24 7 anytime anywhere access. From searching for participating retailers to live online shopping to seeing your cashback balance.

3. Our app which gives you express access to all the key features of the program 24/7 anytime, anywhere on your mobile.

4. Both the website and the app give you access to your Voucher eWallet which stores your Express Shopping Vouchers so you can access them quickly and easily


If your club has signed up for SportsPerks, then it’s simple. Join at the SportsPerks website

After you’ve joined, it’s easy. Just choose the perks you want.

Get your Today Perks by clicking on the category icons. Then find the experience, tickets or retailers of interest.

Earn cashback via Tomorrow Perks. Get up to 20% cashback by

- buying from our range of Express eVouchers including for your supermarket spend and fuel

- shopping online for sporting goods or other things with our network via our website

- buying at our participating retailers with your payment card that you have registered with the program


Express is our mobile app. It’s called Express because it gives you express, direct and immediate access to the benefits of SportsPerks on your mobile 24/7 anytime and anywhere.

You can get express access to your Today Perks instantly.

You can buy Express Vouchers and have them ready to use instantly – whilst you’re instore or in the queue. Once you’ve bought them, you get express access to them in the Voucher eWallet so you can use them at any time

You express shop online and earn cashback at our most popular online retailers whilst you are on the go.

You need to download SportsPerks Express from your app store as soon as you activate your.


It’s the commissions that our participating partners are happy to give you for your business.

You earn cashback by buying from our participating partners in 4 ways

1. At Shop Sports. Buy your sporting gear from our participating retailers displayed in the Shop Sports section of our website

2. With Express Vouchers. Earn 5% cashback from your everyday shopping like groceries, drinks and petrol. But your vouchers now and have them instantly delivered. You could even be in the queue.

3. At Shop Online. Earn up to 25% more cashback from your online shopping at out Our Online Shop which features over 200 of the best retailers.

4. By buying Movie Tickets from us. Get up to 30% cashback on every ticket

It varies depending on the retailer – up to 25% with some retailers

Your balance will be prominently shown on the home page when you log in to our website or app. You can also check your balance and transaction history at any time at the SportsPerks website. Click on the ‘My Profile’ button.

For Express Vouchers, within 24 hours of the delivery of the voucher you have purchased.

For an online purchase at via Online Shopping Centre or Shop Bike, your SportsPerks account will be updated within 72 hours. Initially, you will see the cashback you have just earned as a 'pending' amount. Processing usually takes between 30 and 60 days depending on the retailer, after which time it will be listed in your account.

You can choose how you wish to use your cashback balance. There is a range of options – all of which will help to cut the costs of your sporting passion.

Go to your My Profile page or click on the quick link. Follow the prompts. Make your choice of how you want to redeem and how much.


Shop Sports is your convenient place to go when you want to shop for sporting goods. Where it makes sense to buy because your earn cashback every time you buy via the SportsPerks website.

At a glance, you can see which online sporting good retailers are part of SportsPerks. And you can click through directly to their sites and go shopping knowing that we're tracking you so that you'll get your cashback when you purchase. 

Find the retailer you are interested in then click on the logo. You will be taken to the retailer website. From there, shop and buy as you usually would. And when you buy, your cashback will automatically be processed.


Express eVouchers enable you to earn cashback from your everyday, instore shopping. They are available immediately so you can shop now at a specific retailer.

We send you the eVoucher for the retailer you choose straight away so you can shop straight away. You could even be in the queue.

Your eVoucher also appears in your Voucher eWallet instantly.

Usually around 5% - but some are more and some are less.

Normally by return. But under some circumstances it may be delayed until the next business day.

Yes. The expiry date will be prominently displayed on the eVoucher.

The cost depends on your method of payment. 


Shop Online offers you a wide range of online shopping stores to choose from. There are over 200 brands.

By shopping via Shop Online, you earn cashback with each purchase. So if your favourite online shop is part of our network, it makes sense to shop via us because you earn cashback you wouldn’t normally receive.

Simply browse through our retailers and find where you would like to shop. Click on the logo and you will be then linked directly to the store site. Purchase the item(s) you want.

Each purchase will earn you cashback which will be credited to your account as soon as the funds are received from the retailer.

Cashback will be credited to your account as soon as we receive it from the retailer. Each retailer has different timeframes on when they pay this cash back to cashback. It could take up to 90 days be credited to your account depending on the returns policy of each retailer.


You can buy movie tickets from Village, Event, Hoyts and Ace Cinemas.

You can buy a wide range of tickets from Childrens to Adults to Gold Class/LUX

With each ticket you buy, you earn cashback worth up to 30% on every ticket

Depends on the cinema chain and the ticket type.  Up to 30% on every ticket.

Go to the Movie Tickets section. Click on the cinema brand. Then follow the prompts to choose your tickets and then to buy. Your tickets will be emailed to you the next day or sooner.

Go to the email we will have sent you when you bought the tickets. Or go to your eWallet and click on the Movie Tickets button


SportsPerks is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information. Refer to the Privacy Policy at the SportsPerks website. We collect personal information in order to provide services and products to you, to maintain and improve customer service and to advise you of other SportsPerks offers, products or services which may be of interest to you. Whilst you may opt not to provide us with your personal information, you should be aware that without this personal information, we may not be able to provide you with the services and/or products you are expecting. 


a. there are no joining or monthly fees  account.

b. there may be a fee for each Express eVoucher you purchase depending on your means of payment

c. there may be a processing fee for the redemption of your cashback. This will be advised prior to redemption including on the website


For enquiries on the SportsPerks program, head to the ‘Contact Us’ tab and complete the online form.

If your enquiry is about cashback, you need to provide us with the store name, the transaction date and amount plus the order number which you will find on your receipt from the retailer.  We will then contact the retailer and come back to you.